Movement is for Everyone

I love to watch life in motion!

“Nothing is more revealing than movement.” Martha Graham


Movement fascinates me.

It always has.

“Movement practice gets all your creative juices flowing. It doesn’t just release your body, but it opens up your heart and empties out your mind as well.”  Gabrielle Roth

My fascination runs deepest when it comes to how movement is shared. How do flocks of birds, herds of horses and schools of fish seamlessly flow together with such harmony? How do we recreate such harmony when we make a conscious choice to share movement with another person or a horse?


Where does shared movement come from?

Sometimes we move together randomly: pushing, shoving, wrestling, in conflict or play.



Sometimes we move together in harmony, sharing movement that is fluid, graceful, consensual and healing. When we really connect and flow with another being it drops us into present moment awareness. The kind of deeply meditative state we enter into when we move consciously heals mind, body and Spirit.


Efficient, sustainable movement is key to our health and well being. The more a body moves the better it feels. The better a body feels the more freedom we have to explore and live a full life!

“Healing is movement. Disease is inertia. If you put the body in motion, you will change.” Gabrielle Roth


My fascination with movement has sent me down many paths. First with BioSomatic Movement Education which pulled me out of pain and dysfunction, making me more flexible and pain free in my 30’s than my 20’s!

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, mental and emotional states.”  Carol Welch more about BioSomatic Movement Education

Some years later I found dance, Tango in particular, and discovered whole worlds of movement possibilities I had never considered. Not least, what it meant to move in partnership with someone else. That changed my life!

“Dance is unspoken communication and can be even more profound than language. The simple act of standing shares a glimpse of what we have to give, what we exude to define our presence, what we let go of to be receptive. The tango embrace is a representation of who we are and what we communicate in every moment.”

Faith Green

spring showcase tango

Most recently I found Parkour.

What is Parkour, you might ask? Most people who know about Parkour have images in their minds of crazy young people leaping off of buildings and doing back flips off park railings. And if you go looking for Parkour that is likely what you’ll find. But at its heart, Parkour is about building community and supporting people of all ages and all levels to get out and move. Movement is for everyone. Healthy, sustainable, efficient movement that is relevant to life. Parkour fundamentals focus on balance, coordination and strength in an environment that encourages you to think creatively.


I’ve only been training for a few months now. Steve and I walked into a gym full of teen and preteen boys, the only nearly 50 year olds in the place! I expected to feel uncomfortable or get some sideways glances but down to every single person in the gym we got nothing but support and enthusiasm. From the first lesson, I learned things about myself and my body that nothing I’ve done to date could have prepared me for. I walked away on rubbery legs thinking my knees are never going to be able to do this!

To my great delight and surprise, my knees are stronger than they’ve ever been and pain free. I climbed a ladder to the top of my haystack last week. Something I used to dread doing because it hurt my knees so much. Pain free! I went hiking in rugged terrain that would normally bother my knees. Pain free! And I found my mind and body were keen, making use of momentum and planning my route without any conscious thought. Everything in my life from dancing to trimming horse’s feet to riding to ground work has become easier as a result of the skills I’m developing in Parkour. I still can’t do half of what we’re being trained to do but I’m encouraged to do what I can and cheered on by some amazing people!

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possess a glorius sense of power.”  Joseph Pilates


My passion for movement continues to grow as the possibilities for creativity and joyful self-expression expand! The possibilities for how this philosophy impacts my interactions with the horses seem limitless. One thing I know for certain is that horses love interacting with calm, confident people. The more I know my own body and mind, the more physically sound and balanced I am the more I can project that calm confidence for my horse to play off of.

I’m so excited about what Parkour and the wonderfully talented, passionate folks at Move to Inspire have to contribute that I have decided to enter into collaboration with them to create a program designed to support the specific needs of horse enthusiasts.

“Movement is the song of the body.”  Varda Scaravelli

Allow me to introduce Vinnie Coryell and his lovely wife Cameron Cunningham Coryell:

Vinnie Coryell:


I have been very blessed in my movement abilities and the path it has taken me. I started training Parkour 9 years ago. Within the 9 years of training opportunities presented for me to become a professional Parkour athlete and travel the US and world teaching workshops, performing, and competing. All of this experience led me to open a Parkour training facility of my own with Trevor Rittenhouse, the first official Parkour facility on the Western Slope of Colorado, Move to Inspire. I continue pushing my personal abilities while sharing my passion for movement with people of all ages and abilities. I want to inspire and reach as many individuals as I can to help them achieve their goals, build confidence, and learn as much as possible about themselves and helping others . Parkour can create a safer environment for you and your horse, enabling you to protect your body while working with your horse. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Cameron Cunningham Coryell:


I am an instructor at Absolute Dance and at Move to Inspire Parkour facility. I am an athlete, artistic dancer and lover of horses. I am very passionate about functional movement and how it relates to dance technique and horse back riding. Everyday I am discovering new ways to preserve our bodies as we explore traditional techniques and new ways of moving. I have just recently taken on the challenge, with Andrea Datz, to use dance improvisation exercises to help horse back riders and their horses. Creativity and problem solving are two things that can easily be addressed with dance improvisation, and are well needed in the equestrian world.

Cameron, Vinnie, the horses and I are brimming over with enthusiasm and ideas to help you and your horse develop together:

  • Functional, sustainable, practical movement and strength
  • Increased capacity to listen to your body and your horse
  • Creativity, problem solving and interacting with your environment
  • Unique approaches to Partnering skills and Collaboration
  • Becoming aware of the endless movement variety available to keep things engaging for you and your horse

We will be offering workshops beginning in August 2017!


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